Tuition Classes

Improve your racing skills with Dunkeswell Raceway

Want to shave off those final few tenths? Never been in a kart before and want to get some practice in before a corporate karting day? or just want to improve your racing etiquette, no matter what the criteria our karting classes can be tailored to your own needs!

All our Training packages are based around a 1 hour session however we can cater for a longer session if required.

All sessions are priced at £85 per person per hour during the week.

Please book in advance as tuition is subject to availability. 

Minimum age 14 years!

Packages Available:

This is a 1-hour session aimed at novice drivers and is the ideal package for anyone who has never been in a Kart before but loves the idea of racing.

This session covers basics like the controls, use of pedals, correct steering techniques and a full track walk highlighting racing lines.

We understand that a lot of people are nervous about getting into a kart for the first time. therefore this package is kept completely fluid and will be tailored to your personal needs.

Sessions run over a one hour period. The first part of your training consists of a full briefing, Track walk, discussing the karts handling characteristics and areas you feel you wish to improve upon.

You will then head out to the track for 3 x 10 minute stints.

  • First 10 minute stint – This is in order to set a base lap time in which to improve upon, during this time the instructor will follow you round finding ways in which you can improve your technique.
  • A debriefing to discuss with you how you felt it went, the lap time print out, then talk about potential areas in which you can improve and give you some advice on certain aspects of your driving.
  • Second 10 minute stint – This gives you a chance to put in to practice what has been discussed in the debriefing and see if you can improve. Again an instructor will be closely monitoring your progress looking for any areas you can still gain some time.
  • Tea / coffee break
  • Discuss any areas you can still improve.
  • Third 10 minute stint – This is your chance to put everything you have learned into practice and go for the fastest time possible!

Much like Option 2 Sessions run over a one hour period. Training consists of a full briefing, Track walk, discussing defending and overtaking lines and kart positioning.

Your 30 minute Track time will consist of the following but not limited to.

  • Driver Assessment
  • Refining racing lines
  • Overtaking
  • Defending lines
  • Late braking